My name is Nana Fofi

I am a visionary educator who blends the worlds of teaching, and entrepreneurship to create a powerful and transformative learning experience that honors African heritage and traditions.

My core motivations:
1. Africa

I am motivated to educate others about Africa to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions. And to inspire activism and advocacy on challenges that African nations and people are facing,

2. African science

Africa has a rich history of scientific knowledge and innovation that has been largely overlooked. I’m passionate about my newfound knowledge on Africa and want to share my enthusiasm with others.

3. Educating children
I teach children about Africa to promote cultural exchange and understanding. Educating them about other cultures is a way to broaden their perspectives. It also enables them to connect with people from different backgrounds.

My Best-Sellers

Get to know me better

At 42, I’m a mother of 4 and living in Ghana where I’m realizing my dreams of owning a school and orphanage. Despite being born in the Netherlands and holding Dutch nationality, I identify myself as a Ghanaian. I underwent a transformative spiritual journey that helped me learn a lot about my cultural heritage. I emerged from it with a deeper sense of purpose and a stronger connection to my Ghanaian roots. Due to my self discovery, I want to be able to give life-changing learning experiences that honors African heritage and traditions to other people.

The Value That I offer

Entrepreneuring is my destiny, but educating is my passion. I’m lucky enough to get to do both every single day.

Crea Culture Teach

Using my established Crea Culture teach program, I educate children at various schools on African history and cultural diversity through creative activities.

Laucyna The Author

As an author, my focus is on creating educational books, journals, and planners that aim to promote understanding of African traditions and cultural acceptance.

African Officiant

I incorporate traditional customs and African based rituals into your wedding ceremony. As an African ritualist, I offer a unique and unforgettable wedding experience while honoring African heritage.

Yonify Products

I sell a range of natural hygiene products that takes care of female private parts. The notion of vagina healing has been practiced in Africa for centuries. The range includes various herbs, v-steam pots, yoni eggs etc.

Take your child through Africa with…

Mama Africa

Take your child on a journey of education, growth, and success rooted in African culture and values. Do this in the comfort of your own home by ordering the ‘Mama Afrika” colour and workbook.

Educate your children

Hire me if you want your students to learn about African history and cultural diversity in a fun and engaging way!

Educate yourself

Buy my books if you’re interested in gaining a deeper knowledge and appreciation of African heritage and traditions.

Traditional wedding

Hire me to create a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony that incorporates traditional customs and African-based rituals,

Spiritual healing

Buy my products if you’re looking for a natural and African inspired tradition way to care for your female private parts.

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