V Steam Herbs Large


This herbal blend comes in a large package and can be used for vaginal steaming. It helps you to regain a natural balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the Vagina, while also purifying the blood and strengthening the uterus. Carefully put the herbs into a warm, deeply penetrative steam bath before steaming your vagina. All of the herbs are fairtrade and carefully selected from the beautiful amazone of Suriname, South America.


V Steam Herbs Large

Product Description

What are the benefits from V steaming ?

#1 Pulls toxins out of the body
#2 Helps with abdominal pain/pressure
#3 Relieves menstrual cramps
#4 Regenerates damaged tissue
#5 Improves vaginal tightness
#6 Helps with feminine odour
#7 Helps womb absorb herbal medical into blood stream
#8 Regulates menstrual cycle
#9 Relieves heave menstruation
#10 Balance hormone cycle
#11 Stimulate growth of white blood cells and anti bodies
#12 Sweating creates cardio benefits
#13 Mood stabilisation
#14 Relieves menopausal symptoms
#15 Helps align your chakras
#16 Builds self-esteem
#17 Support lympathic health
#18 Stimulation of healthy sexual energy
#19 Helps women conceive
#20 Speeds up recovery after childbirth
#21 May shrink or dissolve fibroids

And a lot more💗

Here is a list of the herbs and its benefits which are included in the blend.

🍂#1 Yarakopi ( siparuna guyanesis)
Fresh smell
Anti cancer

🍂#2 Mango ( mangifera indica)
Anti cancer
Anti tumor
Removes metals from blood
Lowers cholesterol
mango is packed with the goodness of nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, iron, folate, copper, magnesium

🍂#3 cotton ( gossypium barbaderes)
Lowers Blood pressure
Helps with UTI'S
Helps with menstrual cramps

🍂#4 Anise ( piper marginatum)
Calming smell
Lowers fever

🍂#5 Neem
Anti cancer
Treats wounds and infections
Neem leaves contain over 130 different types of biological compounds,

🍂#6 Chamomile
Reduce cramps
Fresh smell
Treat wounds and infections
Vitamine A, C, E, and K

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